Where are you located?

We are located in Woodstock, Ontario. We do not have a physical storefront. We work mostly on social media platforms and our website. We do offer local pickup at 3 locations (Woodstock, Bright & Tavistock). 

Can I do local pickup?

Yes! We encourage local pickup if you can. We are flexible with pickup times and arrange for an easy pickup. We offer 3 convient locations in Bright, Woodstock and Tavistock. 

Do you offer shipping?

We currently only ship within Canada, using Canada Post. Shipping varies between $20-$40 depending on size. I do not profit from shipping so if there are any shipping overages you will be refunded for overages greater than $5. 

Do you accept cash on pickup? - I don't have a credit card. 

Sorry - We don't. However, we accept email money transfer (EMT). 

How do I customize my piece?

After purchasing a design depost- custom order. We will be in contact with you an email questionairre. Please include as much detail as possible. We will then create design options for you to choose from. 

Can you replicate something I found online?

We will use your idea as inspiration and redesign the piece. We will never copy another artists work, unless they offer the design template for sale*.

What kind of wood do you use?

We mostly make our pieces out of MDF, pine or veneer plywood. We can work with hardwoods (e.g. walnut, cherry, oak, etc.) please indicate in your order form as there is a price difference for hardwoods.

Why do you ask for my budget?

We have pre-determined prices for all of our sign options. However, understanding your budget can allow us to explore additional possibilities that may better suit your needs or preferences. By sharing your budget with us, we can collaborate more effectively to create a customized solution that meets both your financial and creative requirements. It's important to note that discussing your budget does not mean we will raise prices, but rather it allows us to better understand your needs and provide the most appropriate recommendations.

Can your signs go outdoors?

Please let us know during the design process if your sign is intended for use outdoors as this will impact the type of materials we can use and require additional sealant materials. Please note that we are not responsible for damages that may occur due to use outside and have no way to guarentee longevity of the sign. We have had good success with clients that have cared for their piece and continued to reapply sealer each season. 

When will I receive my order?

Our current turn around time is around 4-6weeks (can vary slightly depending on the time of year). I alwaus aim to have the signs done as soon as possible. Please note that shipping time is additional to this processing time. Shipping time depends on your location and usually takes 3-10 business days. 

How do sizes work with the frame?

Signs are measured using the backer. Please allow approximately 1 inch for frames. Please note that all signs are hand-cut and may vary +/-1" in size. 

Does my piece come with hanging hardware?

Our items do come ready to hang. We are not responsible for any damages that may occur when hanging our pieces.

Can you call me or I call you? I'd love to discuss a custom order with you.

Due to our busy schedule, we find that email communication is more efficient for us. However, I do offer calls via zoom to discuss custom designs. Please reach out via email first to arrange a meeting. 

Your custom orders are closed, when will they reopen?

Sorry we missed you! Sometimes we need to close our custom orders in order to clear a backlog of orders. We will always announce on our social media pages when taking breaks and when we will be returning. For the most up-to-date information follow along on instagram @brightcraftycritters. You can also join our newsletter below to be updated on our return. 

Oh no, my sign was damaged during the shipping process!

Let us know ASAP. Please send us clear pictures of the damage and the box. Most of our pieces are sent with shipping insurance and we'll need to complete a report on our end in order to receive a refund. In the meantime, we'll try to make everything smooth for you by either providing you a  refund, or remaking the piece. 

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may cancel your order after is has been placed. Please note that no refunds can be given for your design deposit, that fee is non-refundable. If your order is cancelled before production begins on your physical piece you may receive a partial refund. Once production on your piece begins no refunds can be give. 

My piece does not look like I thought it would/ I am unhappy with my order.

Sorry to hear about that. We'd love to help you out and make it better. Please note that our mock designs try to depict your order as best as possible but their will be slight variations. All our signs are hand painted (without stencils), hand cut, and may have small imperfections. While we do try our best to recreate our original pieces, there might be variations. Wood is naturally beautiful and contains dents, knots, scratches, even holes. While we do try to purchase the "best looking wood" we have no control over their beauty marks. It is also important to note that no two pieces of wood will stain the same way, resulting in different wood grains and colours. Paint colours will vary based on your screen settings. 

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